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February 21
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Entrepreneurs Guide Book Series
Market Planning Guidebooks

SMALL BUSINESS Planning & Information Guides from The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series. User Agreement

  1. (Index)
    Understanding WHY PEOPLE BUY
    Explains the importance of beliefs in creating wants, desires, and motivating human behavior. Summarizes Maslow's theory of motivation, how the human brain works, Skinner's positive reinforcement theory and how advertisers can use this information to get people to buy. Provides a summary of over 100 reasons why people buy and 10 reasons why they won't buy. If you are looking to get a better understanding of the consumer mind to improve your marketing plan, you need this guidebook.
    201K 29p.

  2. (Index)
    Spying on the COMPETITION
    Gives 9 proven methods for studying the competition. Provides two worksheets to help evaluate and compare the competition. Describes the two best ways to beat the competition including 11 market-positioning strategies.
    162K 22p.

  3. (Index)
    Pinpointing TARGET MARKETS with Unmet Needs
    Defines marketing and more specifically target marketing. Classifies types of target markets into industrial markets and consumer markets. Also classifies types of shoppers into retail-outlet shoppers and long-distance shoppers. Offers three strategies to help entrepreneurs pinpoint ideal customers using zip code analysis and by defining unmet needs. Shows how to develop a customer profile.
    207K 39p.

  4. (Index)
    Uncovering New Consumer TRENDS & DEMANDS
    Presents recent and long-term trends that directly or indirectly affect the buying needs of consumers ranging from Africa trends, to communication trends, to youth trends. This step also discusses "content analysis" a method of monitoring national and international new stories to uncover new trends. This methodology was made popular by John Naisbitt author of Megatrends.
    312K 71p.

  5. (Index)
    Explains the difference between a "house list" and an "outside list." Provides 30 examples of different types of outside lists including their cost per thousand names. Shows how to create a customer record. Shows how to build and improve the response rate of a house list as well as how to rent it for a profit.
    171K 28p.

  6. (Index)
    Developing a CUSTOMER SERVICE Plan
    Presents a number of facts, which show the importance of having a well thought-out customer service policy. Gives a 7-step plan for developing an effective customer service policy as well as 14 strategies for improving customer service. Lists 22 customer service maxims e.g., "Customers are kings, we are their servants." "Customers are the most important people we serve, in person, on the phone, or by mail."
    161K 26p.

  7. (Index)
    Establishing a PRICING Policy
    Describes 6 factors that prices will influence e.g., sales volume and profitability, and 13 factors that will influence prices e.g., costs and industry averages. Shows a variety of ways of calculating pricing structures. Presents 17 pricing strategies e.g., break-even pricing and competitive advantage pricing, and 14 strategies to fine-tune your pricing policy.
    240K 51p.

  8. (Index)
    Establishing a CREDIT POLICY
    This step also looks at the PROs and CONs of extending trade credit, provides a 10 step plan for implementing a trade credit policy, explores financing options e.g., installment plans and rent-to-lease plans, and shows how to get "merchant's status."
    180K 29p.

  9. (Index)
    Creating a Winning PROMOTIONAL PLAN
    Explains the importance of developing a promotion plan, how to go about creating a promotional plan and in particular how to select the right promotional mix. Shows how to put together a promotional budget that meets advertising, personal selling and sales promotions needs. Provides a chart which lists "Advertising and Promotion as a Percentage of Sales" of over 70 types of businesses. Gives six strategies to help readers get the most out of their promotional plan. Describes the pros and cons of creating an "in-house" advertising agency.
    215K 32p.

  10. (Index)
    Lists 52 advertising design themes ranging from the "Advertorial or News Ad" to the "Tie-in With Current Events Ad." Each description includes an example headline and graphic.
    175K 23p.

  11. (Index)
    Gives the pros and cons of 10 basic advertising media including newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, Yellow Page, direct marketing, billboard, printed material, and other novelty advertising. Provides numerous strategies to make help make these types of advertising mediums more effective. Also outlines the costs of 45 specific types of advertising promotions ranging from classified ads to web-sites. 
    351K 93p.

  12. (Index)
    WRITING & EDITING Like a Pro
    Summarizes the essentials of punctuation and grammar. Provides 55 tips for writing better sentences, better paragraphs and better body copy. Also provides 44 tips to help you with the editing process. Knowing what to cut out is just as important as knowing what to put in. Concludes with a summary of eight ultimate writing strategies.
    340K 89p.

  13. (Index)
    Creating "Eye Catching" GRAPHICS
    Shows you how to take your own photos. Highlights how to select the proper equipment and film, get the right exposure, explore lighting techniques and get your film developed. Also shows you how to turn photos and images into computer files using scanners, Kodak Photo CDs and digital cameras, as well as how to manipulate digitized photos and clipart.
    230K 48p.

  14. (Index)
    Provides more than 2,000 useful words and phrases to help you write ads that GRAB attention, INJECT desire and PROMOTE action. Helps you write better headlines, salutations, opening statements, benefit statements, prize & sweepstakes offers, and guarantees. Includes the "Ten Most Powerful Words in Advertising." Highly useful resource.
    213K 44p.

  15. (Index)
    Mastering Ad DESIGN & LAYOUT Techniques
    Provides more than 100 basic, advanced, grouping, color, photo, headline, body copy and sketching ad design & layout strategies complete with numerous illustrations.
    391K 66p.

  16. (Index)
    COLLECTING Product INFO to Help Write & Design Ads
    Shows you what kind of facts, photos and information to collect, as well as, how to organize and how to get in the right frame of mind to write & design great ads.
    154K 13p.

  17. (Index)
    Using ODAC - The "Advertiser's Soulmate"
    Introduces 3 basic advertising formulas including the ODaC advertising formula, which shows you how to open, develop and close your ad. More specifically, shows you 3 ways to write powerful headlines, 23 proven headline structures, 18 strategies to fine-tune and perfect headlines, how to select eye-catching visuals, how to inject desire with provable benefit claims, how to build belief using testimonials, 50 strategies you can use to help get people to buy and much more.
    360K 84p.

  18. (Index)
    Shows you how to write, design and layout classified ads, space ads, brochures and catalogs that grab attention, inject desire and promote action. Also provides illustrated examples and dozens of writing and promotion tips for each media.
    273K 43p.

  19. (Index)
    Creating NEWSLETTER & DIRECT MAIL Promotions
    Shows you how to write, design and layout newsletters and direct mail promotions that grab attention, inject desire and promote action. Also provides illustrated examples and over 60 writing and promotion tips for each media.
    377K 64p.

  20. (Index)
    Creating Award-Winning RADIO & TV ADS
    Shows you how to write, create and produce radio and tv ads grab attention, inject desire and promote action. Also provides award-winning examples and dozens of writing and promotion tips for each media.
    275K 53p.

  21. (Index)
    Helps you understand the importance of power of publicity. Shows you step-by-step how to write a press release. Includes three examples. Also shows you how to put together a media kit. Concludes by highlighting 21 additional ways to get "free" advertising.
    225K 40p.

  22. (Index)
    Designing PACKAGING
    Gives an easy-to-follow seven step plan to designing a package for virtually any kind of product. Also lists 18 factors that influence the final design. These factors include art & beauty needs, consumer needs, and wholesaler and retailer needs.
    176K 28p.

  23. (Index)
    Explains how to keep track of the effectiveness of your advertising using surveys, questionnaires, advertising keys, coded coupons and "Tell Them Joe Sent You Broadcast Ads." Also shows you how to keep track of your results using a "Newspaper & Magazine Ad Record," a "Gross Catalog Analysis Sheet," an "Item & Media Effectiveness Record," a "Catalog Item Sales Analysis Sheet," a "Direct Mail Promotion Record" and an "Advertising Cost Analysis Chart." Provides examples of each.
    208K 30p.

  24. (Index)
    TESTING Promotions and Analyzing Results
    Shows you 57 ways to test your promotions. Underscores the importance of testing markets before launching a full-scale promotion. Highlights a step-by-step procedure for getting the most out of a trade show, including pre-show, show time and post show activities. Also shows you how to dump your losing promotions and run with your winners. Highlights 12 key factors, which could contribute to false conclusions.
    199K 36p.

  25. (Index)
    Conducting SURVEYS to Improve Your Marketing Efforts
    Summarizes 8 types of surveys and 7 types of survey questions. Provides a list of 34 common types of survey questions, including 23 easy-to-use semantic differential survey questions. Also provides two example surveys. Concludes with 8 strategies you can use to help get people to actually fill-out your surveys.
    136K 14p.

  26. (Index)
    Opening DISTRIBUTION Channels
    Outlines 32 commonly used distribution channels. Gives the pros & cons of using distributors and selling agents. Lists 10 factors that need to be considered when deciding which distribution channel to use.
    191K 34p.

  27. (Index)
    Presents 14 strategies you can use to help generate repeat business. Also shows you how to individualize you marketing strategies when targeting men or women or the "baby boomer" generation.
    147K 15p.

  28. (Index)
    Presents five essential strategies for creating new market opportunities for your company including: searching for the unmet need, exploiting change, creating luck for yourself, generating business contacts and fostering innovation. Concludes by showing you how to enter new markets, sell to the government and buy someone else's business.
    174K 28p.

  29. (Index)
    INNOVATING Your Promotional Plan
    Presents more than 50 new and innovative ways you can promote and market your company and products including: ads in unusual locations, annual reports, bike rack advertising, clearance sales, cooperative promotions, fashion shows, fund raisers, trial offers, loyalty programs, open house promotions and Internet web sites.
    203K 32p.

  30. (Index)
    LICENSING Successful Products & Services
    Describes the ins & outs of licensing your ideas to other and private label resale.
    131K 8p.

  31. (Index)
    FRANCHISING Your Operations
    Explains what is a franchise, basic types of franchises, how to promote your franchise and how to select the right franchisee. More specifically, it shows you how to put together a franchise package, a franchise contract and a franchise disclosure document, as well as alleviate the fears in other of buying your franchise.
    160K 22p.

  32. (Index)
    NETWORKING Your Markets
    Outlines the basics of network marketing, what it is, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages and how you can start you own network marketing company. Also lists 7 of the most successful network marketing companies, their products, world sales figures and key marketing strategies.
    152K 16p.

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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